Thursday, September 3, 2015

High School Students and Social Media

Top 10 things you should never do in a post, snap, tweet, text, or whatever else it is students do these days.

10.  Trash your teachers or school
9.  Cyberbully a fellow classmate
8.  Post emotionally
7. Lie
6.  Threaten violence
5.  Post something unprofessional
4.  Post overly specific location check-ins
3.  Disclose confidential information
2.  Rely on privacy settings 100% - If you don't want something seen again, don't post it on the Internet!
1.  Post inappropriate comments or pictures - If you wouldn't want your grandparents reading or seeing it, you probably shouldn't post/send it.

Besides the obvious reasons for not doing most of these things, colleges and future employers employ people whose sole job is to research you on the internet.  It would be terrible to not be accepted to the college or job of your choice because of a bad post (judgement) you made during  your high school years.  Just because you think it has been deleted or disappeared doesn't mean that it isn't still out in cyberspace somewhere waiting to be found.

Be cautious and be smart in your social media use.

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